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Sparse binary logistic regression

Classification of handwritten digits. Implementation of the split-and-augmented Gibbs sampler.

Change detection

Processing multi-band images with different spatial and spectral resolutions.

TV-L0 and TV-L1 denoising

Unsupervised selection of the regularization parameter.

Textured image analysis

Local regularity based image segmentation. Scale-free textures. Multifractal analysis.

Image super-resolution

Fast resolution. L2-, L1- and TV-regularizations.

Anti-sparse coding

Democratic representations. PAPR reduction.

Multi-band image fusion

Hyperspectral pansharpening. Multispectral/hyperspectral image fusion.

Ultrasound imaging

Fast acquisition and compressed sensing. Unsupervised classification of skin lesions.

Subspace estimation

Natural metric on the Grassmann manifold. Directional statistics.

Detection of glitches in multiplexed multichannel data streams

Correction of multi-channel imaging. Application to the MADRAS images.

Sparse coding of natural images

Sparse representation and dictionary learning.

EELS spectrum-image analysis

Unsupervised identification of material signatures.

Gene expression factor analysis

Unsupervised identification of disease signature (e.g., influenza).

Hyperspectral image unmixing

Endmember extraction, inversion, nonlinear mixture detection. Handling spectral variability.

Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy (MRFM) imagery

Sparse image reconstruction. Myopic (semi-blind) deconvolution.

Spectrochemical analysis

Bayesian blind source separation under constraints.

Joint segmentation of autoregressive processes

Segmentation of stereo speech signals. Detection of "arc-tracking" phenomenon.

Joint segmentation of multivariate astronomical time series

Segmentation of real data obtained by the NASA Compton Gamma Ray Observatory's BATSE. Detection of the changes in the brightness of the gamma-ray burst (GRB) sources.

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