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Note to prospective students/fellows

If you are considering our group to pursue an internship or summer project, or to conduct research as a M.Sc./Ph.D. student or a Postdoctoral Research Associate, please read the following recommendations carefully.

Our research group activities mainly deal with statistical signal/image processing & machine learning, with various applications such as remote sensing, microscopy and biomedical engineering. Please consult the Research page to get some details regarding our activities.

If you have a strong mathematical background (probability & statistics, algebra, matrix computation, optimization, etc.), scientific programming skills (e.g., in MATLAB) and particular interests in signal/image processing (inversion, restoration, detection, segmentation, etc.), machine learning and artificial intelligence (supervised learning, clustering, data mining, large scale inference, etc.), your profile may fit our expectations.

To apply for an internship, a Master or Ph.D. thesis
To complete your application, you are invited to provide (as pdf files)
To apply for a post-doctoral position
To complete your application, you are invited to provide (as pdf files)

Applications from highly motivated students or post-doctoral fellows are always welcome since extra financial supports can be found for outstanding profiles.

Given the large number of applications I receive, I am unable to individually respond to all emails from prospective students/fellows who wish to join our research group. If we are interested in your candidacy, we will contact you promptly. If you do not receive any response, no need to send several reminders.

Thank you.